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You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make the First Impression

Get the Most Interactive and Appealing Resumes written by Domain Experts which Strikingly Highlights your Achievements and goals to align with the Organizational Objectives giving you the Winner's Edge

From the CEO’s Desk

ResuMade is the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Ms. Pooja Anandani, a brilliant student of Finance with exceptional academics. Her outstanding ability and flair to highlight your personality and career strengths to create maximum impact, are the reason she is fuelled by the need to assist all job seekers in bringing out their individual strengths.

The biggest challenge job hunters face is creating visibility. She therefore specialises in showcasing and encapsulating your strengths in a cohesive outstanding resume that results in creating the Wow factor.

Her word-phrasing, her ability to create an eye- popping resume and her mastery in enhancing resume -highlights are a skill she excels in.

She stands committed in the mission of ensuring that a resume designed by her will create tremendous noticeability and impact.

For Her ResuMade Is More Than A Business. It Is A Mission.

What Gave Birth to ResuMade

You Don’t Get a Second Chance To Make the First Impression.

In Today's Competitive Times, It Is Vital That Your Overall Demeanour And Your Communication Skills Instantly Create The Correct Impression. Carrying Yourself with Poise and the Ability to Speak with Confidence and Clarity, Are Skills that are Vital If You Want to Reach the Top of the Success Ladder.

Since College Freshers’ and First Time Job Seekers Have Not Been Exposed to the Corporate World, It is Vital that they polish their Personality Traits and Communication Skills Right at the Very Beginning.

First Impressions Are Vital!

We At ResuMade Therefore Equip You With A Powerful Resume By Creating A Highly Impactful CV Using Powerful Templates And Graphics. We Get Your Resume Developed By Domain Experts With The Best Proficiency And Deep Understanding Of Tactics That Will Highlight Key Aspects, Embedding Your Resume With The Right Keywords To Enhance Your Job Prospects And Opportunities.

In Addition to Creating Magnificent Resumes, We Also Provide an Impactful Covering Letter as well as a Training Session on Personality Development and Grooming as Part of Our Service Bouquet

ResuMade, therefore, is your One-Stop Solution Provider that Kick-Starts Your Climb up the Coveted Ladder for Career Success.

The 4 P's for a Perfect Resume


Without a plan, your vision will remain an illusion. And an illusion without a navigation plan stays a pipe dream. To transmute your wish into perceptible success, Team ResuMade undergoes an extensive examination of your portfolio and with careful guiding and strategy it prepares you for the road ahead. We take into account your educational background and all important achievements and combine them to create better impact to help you get the job you are aspiring for.


After Team ResuMade collates your crucial highlights to create an awe-inspiring resume, we now start the process of preparation keeping in direct contact with you in the process. Working interactively with you we embed your CV and related cover letter with the right keywords to create a greater influence, adopting also the info-graphical approach. This makes your resume stand out to create heightened visibility.


We know there is no glory in practice, but it is also true that there is no glory without practice. When your shortcomings become your strongholds, success is sure to follow.

Based on the cognizance of your shortcomings, our experts extensively work with you to rectify all glitches and rough edges. This practice session prepares you for your interview. We will polish your communication abilities and personality. Group Discussions, interviews, and the presentational aspects of selection criteria are simulated in a powerful role play session for your practice.


It’s only the fear of being laughed or the faux pas that makes one a mediocre performer. Interviewers assess you only on your presentational skills. Once we at ResuMade have prepared you for your interview by rectifying your shortcomings, creating an exceptional CV & letter and making you practice in a real world environment, you will finally be ready to present your resume.

Your newly defined personality infused with the required level of confidence for a scintillating performance, will result in a smooth well prepared job interview.

ResuMade looks into every detail to ensure that you will create the necessary impact and Wow factor.