ResuMade Services

For Freshers’

If You Are a First Time Entrant into the Job Arena, It Is Crucial That Your Resume, Your LinkedIn Profile and Your Personality are streamlined and designed to Project Your Personality Traits, Your Strengths and Any Highlights and Accolades that You Have Achieved While in University.

We offer these ResuMade starting from 1999/-

For Mid-level Associate

Highlighting your previous work experience, ResuMade ensures that your Web presence is on point. We will additionally coach you on your interview skills under the guidance of our Celebrity Panel of Renowned Public Speakers.

All this starting from 3999/-

For Senior-level Associate

It is important for your resume to highlight all your work experiences. We at ResuMade will align your achievements and accolades in a dynamic and vibrant LinkedIn profile.

All this starting just from 5999/-