The Bad boss: A monster who makes you hate your job

How many of us Hate our job,and even worse hate the boss?  Well the fact that you are here reading this article says it all.  I am sure that boss of yours would be worse than a blood sucking monster for you now, the Monday blues feeling wouldn’t be restricted just for Monday, instead the entire week would feel the same. Hang in there because you are not alone,  and this is felt by a whole bunch of people, does it feel better knowing you are not the only sufferer?

We all know having a good boss can make you fall in love with your job,  but a bad one would have the ability to ruin your career goals. Your boss could be a bad team leader, bad manager, a poor communicator or even worse listener, aggressive bully,  bad pay master or simply could love picking favourites. If your boss has even one of the above mentioned qualities, he could easily qualify to be called a blood sucking monster and leaves you with no other option  but to take a call either to fix it or get rid of him.

You may either  choose to live with a bad boss, ignore him, interact with him only when needed, quietly take all the lemons he throws at you and keep going with your work, putting your best efforts and keep the money coming in. This may keep testing your patience almost every single day, or u may just get used to dealing with a new situation everyday.

On the other hand, if you are a good communicator you could choose to talk it out with your boss, explain him about situation and difficulty to deal with him., clarify the misunderstandings if any,  understand what he expects out of you, explain your work delivery methods and try to create a more civilised and likeable work place for yourself.

At times it is also possible that your boss is not a bad person, he could be a bad manager with poor leadership skills,who feels his ways and methods are empowering the employees but instead is only pushing you to your lowest productive self, in this case you could reach out to your boss, go to a lesser formal place like your office cafe and have an informal conversation with your boss. Break the ice by talking on topics of his interest, talk about sports,movies, art, books or anything that interests him, strike the cord at the right place, get him comfortable with you and then bring up your issues with him in a light and friendly manner. Have a heart to heart conversation with your boss, obviously keeping your mind also sharp and attentive not letting it forget that he is “The Boss”. If your boss is soft at heart with a sense of compassion towards people around him, this would definitely work in your favor.

The last and the most crucial way to mend your issues with your boss, would be approaching the Human resources of your organization. Be very sure before reaching up the line. This could impact your work in two extreme ways, either your boss may hate you even more or may change for the better. But as a last resort this is worth giving a try.

But what if you can’t choose to accept your boss and live with his ways of working or a good talk with your boss with all those explanations does not work?  Then the only option you are left would be to quit,  to quit that job and start afresh. This one could be the most difficult way to deal with it, but also could be a way that would open doors to more opportunities, like it’s said ” the best decisions are the ones you take once you step out of your comfort zone” So maybe it’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and build a strong resume, the one that instantly throws the spotlight on you amidst the numerous candidates around you. Learn some new skills, start looking for something new, a better job and a promising future at a new place, surrounded by like minded and positive people who help you climb the ladder of success. Take up new challenges and you will realise that the beauty and joy of starting something afresh with your passion  and hard work would be something unmatched and unimaginable. For all you know, you might just get the most amazing boss who would strive you to soar new heights each day.

In my opinion instead of settling down with a bad boss, choose ways to sort your issues, choose any way you like, but don’t let yourself be victimized. Choose stepping out of your comfort zone to experience a jump in your career growth.

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