Career Regrets, You can Learn from!

Regrets are the worst thing to hold upon for life. When it comes to regrets about your career, it can also affect your personal life. Regrets are those sour memories that don’t wash off easily and act like a heavy stone on your mind and heart.

It’s natural to make mistakes, and have regrets. As they say “to err is human”. But when it comes to career regrets, it can furthermore affect your career growth.

As per the study, there are certain common regrets that several professionals face. Let’s get started and list a few down, to help you avoid making those mistakes.

Compromise with a low salary at the beginning of your career: True first job is always crucial and special and as a fresher, there is not much room for salary negotiation. However, it’s also important to know your true worth and to understand the fact that your future salary hike depends on your 1st salary. Someone with a low salary will end up struggling for a good raise throughout, even with numerous job switches.

Not pursuing your passion: A poll suggested, lot of individuals chose a juicy paycheck over their passion. True, we all are here to grow, but at times the one thing that you don’t realize is when you follow your passion, with all your heart, chances are you may exceed expectations and earn the money you always desired for.

Working too hard: I am sure you must be wondering, how can working hard be a regret? And some of you reading this must be ” Workaholics”. Nevertheless, you should also know it’s extremely important to have a good work-life balance. Putting in extra hours of work may surely work as one of your strengths or merits, but eventually, it takes a toll on your health, family life, and only impedes your happiness.

Living with the “bully boss”: It’s fortunate to get a good boss. I have known individuals having the biggest bullies as their bosses. Sure, revolting with your boss is not an option. An individual spends 8 hours or more at work, and the effects of this bullying can hamper your personal life as well. Hence it’s important to keep your dignity and stand-up to your bully boss.

Turning down better opportunity: Most people turn down better opportunities just because it seems to be challenging and something out of their comfort zone. But they often forget, it could be a life-changing opportunity for them.

Putting work first: It’s good to prioritize and give your work the time and importance needed. But a lot of people forget their purpose of working and earning. You do it all for a good life and a happy family. A lot of people the happiness of their family in the back seat, and concentrate only on their work.

Not delivering then the time was right: Achieving goals and delivering targets are your keys to bring you in the limelight when needed. It is observed that some individuals lack that zest if being extremely enthusiastic at work and are often unnoticed.

Underestimating your abilities: There are times when the boss needs some volunteers to take up a certain project, but some employees may give up even before taking up the opportunity, considering they CANT don’t, only to realize later they could have done it much better than their counterparts.

In today’s competitive times, it’s crucial to make as few mistakes as possible, your mistake could lead to a downfall in your career and an opportunity for someone else to take up your role and responsibilities and it’s important to be wise and learn from others mistakes. However, it’s also ok to make mistakes but to rectify them at the right time rather than dwelling over the regrets. Professional help through a career counselor could be helpful to understand where you are going wrong and to focus on climbing the ladder with foolproof steps.

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