LinkedIn Profile Tips: To create a digital social presence with a professional profile

From a simple social media site to one of the most widely used tools for B2B businesses, job hiring, and getting placed with the professional profile- the journey has been completed by LinkedIn with a jet-propelled speed. Reason- the effectiveness and breath-taking results witnessed in a shorter time.

With a presence in 200 countries and territories around the world, LinkedIn has more than 2602 million active users out of which 40% access their account on daily basis. 69 million people in India have an active LinkedIn account.

87% of the recruiters use LinkedIn as a part of their candidate search says Jobvite Recruiter’s Survey, and this makes your LinkedIn profile an important asset to work on.    

With the following list of main points to work on, your job search journey would ease considerably:

1. Being active and up to date:

Having the latest picture, skills, and experiences on LinkedIn will help you getting viewed more.

2. Be Comprehensive about your skills and objectives: 

Use a headline for the objectives and get the skills endorsed

3. Get a personalized LinkedIn URL:

A custom URL is much easier to read and type. As the LinkedIn Profile Link is an important aspect to be added in the contact information,   

4. Showcase Experiences:

For a better impression, highlight the experiences to make them visible to the recruiters

5. Add multimedia to your summary 

LinkedIn allows you to add videos and presentation slideshows to the profile summary. Such info-graphic media has a greater influence on visitors.  

6. Use the Language in First Person:

It’s not a great idea to use First Person interaction on the resume but is perfectly alright at LinkedIn. Moreover, the First Person Language makes the summary and introduction much more exciting and interactive to read.

7. Build your network:

Always remember Your Network is Your Net worth, as it exponentially enhances your chances of introduction to the recruiters; so keep on developing it.

8. Let your availability be known to others:

Posts related to your job availability will have better attention.

9. Research the companies of your interest:

Make a list and follow them all through LinkedIn. Interact with them better and enhance your selection chances

10. Ask for an introduction:

With your connections related to that company, ask them to introduce you to others. Also, search for alumni of your college there. It will create a better impact.

11. Join Professional Groups:

LinkedIn allows you to be a part of special groups. They help in establishing your thought leadership, and this will work wonders for your career.

12. Network after work hours:

Unlike other social media, stats show LinkedIn is mostly used after work hours. Leverage this information to post, comment, or interact after work hours for greater impact.

13. Keywords:

Comment or post on the current topics using the special and trending keywords to get ahead in search rankings.

14. Spotlight your extra-curricular:

Add all the experiences and coursework imparting some unique skills. Like if you are from a mechanical engineering background and have knowledge of computer languages then showcase them freely.

15. Skill Assessments:

An online test certifying your skill demonstrates your expertise level and also the candidates with certified skills are 30% more likely to be hired.

16. Request Recommendations:

Endorsements give sense to your profile but recommendations take things a step ahead.

17. Add your resume: 

The option of uploading your resume file gives better credibility to your profile and the interested recruiters can easily get to know more about you.   

18. Follow the influencers of the industry:

This way you will not only be able to get priceless knowledge but your comments and shares will reach a greater number of people and thoughts will get noticed.

19. LinkedIn Publishing Platform:

The LinkedIn publishing platform allows you to write and share articles in form of long blog posts. This helps in establishing thought leadership while showcasing your writing skills. So is a great way to get noticed.

20. Make sure that people can find you:

In addition to work on the privacy settings accordingly, add all your contact information through which you would like to be found. Add your email address, contact number, blog links, etc. to your LinkedIn profile, so that the recruiters can contact you fast.       

Start working on the points and experience your presence growing on LinkedIn.     

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