Getting a Competitive edge in getting your Dream Job!

Completed your basic education, and now looking forward to get employed in your field? The transition from a student to a working professional is an amazing experience in itself. Being self-dependent, taking up new challenges, adding value to an organization by deploying those hard-learned skills in your training period to deliver something productive, gives a feeling of contentment.

But for getting a job you need to go through several screening steps, requiring you to possess some special expertise to create an influential impact on the employers. The post-pandemic era, as being witnessed now has greater competition, changes in work-pattern and so much more. To overcome this one needs to prepare oneself in advance.  

No one plans to fail, but a majority fail to plan; and this is the reason why several deserving candidates don’t get what they really deserved.    

At present, the need for a strategic approach, special tactics, and superior presentational skills are needed to beat the competition for landing jobs in 2020.     

Let’s ponder on those strategic steps that will ease your path in securing that highly sought after job:

1. Contacting Employment Agencies and Job boards:

No matter how large your social circle is, job portals and employment agencies have the true information and many more options to explore. Greater the number of opportunities, better are your chances of selection. 

In your circle tell everyone about your qualifications, job requirements and leveraging your contacts try to get introduced to the companies; but also get registered with such job portals.

2. Perfect your resume:

Your reputation is often your Resume. It is your representative into the company, your first look there, and always remember, that you never get a second chance to make the first impression.

Before an employer will take valuable time to interview you, he or she will definitely want to meet you – on paper. How you impress that employer with your resume makes all the difference. Every candidate has some skills and talents, but there is a need to translate that into employer’s benefit. This strategic advantage is facilitated by a specially designed Resume.

3. Prepare yourself for the resume!

Everyone creates a resume, but to stand ahead of the competition focus on creating yourself for the resume!


Focus on getting better each day and mastering some new skills which can be mentioned on your resume as an achievement. Learn a new language, get some computer course, any other additional diploma related to your field or any other thing which can be valuable for employer, and specially mentioning them on resume can greatly improve your selection chance.

Availability of a large number of online courses/diplomas, that can be mastered from the comfort of your home and even from your mobile on the go, has been a great boon to students now.

Even if such courses are not valuable for the employer, it still interprets that the candidate is an avid learner, who is fast is grasping new concepts. This will be a great plus-point for you. 

4. Improve the presentation and interpersonal skills:

Your gestures, looks, dressing sense, the way you communicate and personal presentation greatly influence people’s opinion-both consciously and subconsciously, of you. So, you must specially focus on developing your communication skills, presentational powers, and an overall personality development for the required niche. This will instill a greater level of confidence that the interviewers will notice at first glance.

5. Apply directly:

After perfecting the resume, cover letters, and gaining a prowess over presentational skills, directly apply at the organization of preference. For that, go to the career page of their website, and either fill the form or contact directly.

Also apply to jobs through your LinkedIn profile, as it is an easier way.  For the reason it is one of the best ways to find jobs online, even if you don’t have any network to rely on.      

Winding up:

The talent, knowledge, and dedication have no substitute, but to showcase them one needs to clear through various mandatory steps. If your application is mediocre, there are strong chances that it might be overlooked, howsoever be suitable.

A strategic, high-impact résumé can help you earn a pay increase, assist you with articulating your value and give you immeasurable confidence and joy that comes from seeing how you’ve built your career and created an impact!    

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